The company has been in the business of medical consulting and distribution of critical life saving medical devices. Being closely associated with the medical fraternity. Our association with various international companies has helped global companies introduce their products and establish a credible network of sales and distribution.

We registered international companies' products with Central drugs standard control organization, Director General of health services, Ministry of health & family welfare for Vitek Medisystems.

This has been made possible with our knowledge of the marketplace as well as our network. This has enabled these companies to establish themselves as credible players in the market, while enhancing their business model and core value proposition. During this period, we have developed various skills to handle diverse market needs with different consumer peculiarities.

Principle Product represented

  • Mediatonic
    • Valley Lab
    • WEM
    • Stapplers
    • Hernia
    • Lab Tower
    • Macgrath
    • Sufure
  • Zimmer
    • Power Tools
    • Helmet
    • Tourniquest
    • Mesher
    • Skin Graffin
  • Teleflex
    • Horizon Clips
    • Clip Applior
    • Instruments

Vitek Medisystems 105, 1st Floor, Blue Rose Industries Premises, Western Express Highway, Borivali East, Mumbai - 400066 India

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